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Scintillating crystals are used to detect the energy and intensity level of x-ray.The crystals are used as a key functional material in modern science and technology.Their application can be found in any setting where detection is required for homeland security.Airports, railway stations, customs inspection points, and ports are good examples. They are also used in oil field and geographic exploration for detection. The products we offer, such as CsI:Tl (Cesium Iodide), CsI:Na (Sodium-Doped Cesium Iodide) and NaI:Tl (Sodium Iodide) are well-received by users. Precision pixilated arrays of scintillation crystals are available in linear and2 -D styles with pixel sizes of 0.3mm and radiation lengths of 45 mm or larger, depending on customers' needs. We supply both scintillation crystals and detectors with dimensions up to a diameter of 130 mm x 300 mm.

   CsI(Tl) Arrays
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