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Synthetic sapphire is a single crystal form of corundum, AI2O3. Sapphire is aluminum oxide in purest form with no porosity or grain boundaries, making it theoretically dense. The combination of favorable chemical, electrical, 
mechanical, optical, surface, thermal, and durability properties make sapphire the preferred material for high 
performance system and component designs. For various semiconductor applications sapphire is the best 
choice in the comparison with other synthetic single crystals.

Sapphire Properties


Crystal Structure:

Rhombohedra Hexagonal Single Crystal

Chemical Composition: 


Mechanical Properties



Mohs9 , Knoop = 1700kb/mm2

Tensile Strength:

1.9*103 kg/cm2

Thermal Properties


Melting Point: 


Optical Properties


Refractive Index:

1.79 / / C-axis , 1.760 ± C-axis at 0.5893μm

Visible Light: